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I am not a patient person and "Good things come to those who wait" is probably my least favorite inspirational phrase.  One of my favorite modern day mystics Richard Rudd shares that, "Impatience is the cause of vast problems in our world and our planet, because it's akin to mistrust. An impatient person doesn't trust in the flow of life. That distrust is a

On Saturday night I drove right into a snow white-out.  I left my house with small flurries floating in the air. I turned up a hill into a snowstorm, and quickly lost all visibility.  I intentionally do my best to avoid the snow and not drive in it.  Why? Because I'm not an experienced driver in this condition. I felt blindsided by the storm. I knew I had to

On Monday, a Northeaster, a full-blown blizzard, blanketed my hometown and region with 18 plus inches of snow.  Snow brings beauty, white flakes floating in the air, a winter wonderland and if you're lucky, the chance to pause and just be in the warmth of your home. There is a hazardous condition called a whiteout, where you have no visibility.  In Parker J. Palmer's book, "A Hidden Wholeness" he speaks

If someone would have told me in April as I hobbled around on crutches in Hawaii that on New Year's Eve, I'd be on a date in my hometown with someone from New Jersey I would have said, "What are you smoking?"  Life can turn in an instant. For me it happened in the Fall with my soul coach, Deb Beroset. Dating and more specifically "online dating"

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