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On Sunday night I took down the pictures on the walls in my living area and gave them happily to a dear friend. The next morning the bare walls struck me by surprise. As I walked into the kitchen to make my morning tea gone was the framed oil painting of an ocean scene.  The canvas cracking in the sand. It was a gem I'd found in a

Last Saturday I went to the community pool in my neighborhood. Only fifteen people are allowed in at a time to swim or walk in the pool and we must wear our masks as we wait.  It's advisable to get there early to get your spot.  When I arrived this week with the use of my cane (yeah, I'm making progress) a gentleman waiting gave

Last Tuesday I got an email with the Subject: Furlough Update. I was one of the last employees to get notified that my job was being terminated.  My time in Hawaii is over. I also knew that it was a possibility given the impact of Covid on our company.  I've been looking for new work but still the finality left me with a sludge of feelings for a

Do you have a hard time asking for help? If you do, you're not alone.  I have a friend going through what I call the change trifecta -- divorce, job change and possible relocation in the midst of our collective change.  She shared with me that she doesn't like asking for help. I am not really sure why.  Receiving is like breathing it's the inhale to the

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