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On Friday night, my friend Jen text me a tear-eyed and broken heart emoji and the initials RBG. I text her back, "What happened to RBG?"  And soon, like millions, I would find out the sad news that she had transitioned.   I won't forget where I was that day as I was admitted to the hospital for pelvic pain and an infection that needed to be monitored. 

"Lighten up, Francis". Many of us can remember that iconic scene in Stripes, when Francis Soyer says, "Any of you guys call me Francis and I’ll kill you.", and Sergeant Hulka's classic reply to lighten his mood and to not take things so seriously.  Boy oh boy can I relate to that one. When did life get so serious and when did laughter, play, and delight take a backseat?  I asked

"It feels daunting", said my fifteen-year-old nephew as he described going back to school today. A hybrid schedule-- two days on the computer, two days in school and a flex day every other week without being able to see all his friends, though grateful three out of his five best friends were in the same A-L alpha order.  As I continued to listen to him

The last forty-eight hours I have been under the weather. I woke up Sunday night to severe abdominal cramps and a fever.  There is something about being sick that makes you very present. Today I feel much better and the subject of presence is very much on my mind. With the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman many have commented on his presence. His groundedness

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