Louisa Percudani

Go with the Flow

I am not a patient person and “Good things come to those who wait” is probably my least favorite inspirational phrase. 

One of my favorite modern day mystics Richard Rudd shares that, “Impatience is the cause of vast problems in our world and our planet, because it’s akin to mistrust. An impatient person doesn’t trust in the flow of life. That distrust is a deep cellular thing. You can only see patience by seeing your impatience. It shows us something over a long period of time.” 

He suggests this, “How about trusting everything?” Imagine whatever is coming at you or up in you anger, love, fear…” he continues, “Trust it in the moment. You trust your response. You look at how it is unfolding. Wouldn’t you feel free?”  I pause and take in his question and let out a huge sigh. I would love to feel free and trust everything as it happens.  When we go deeper under impatience he says, “we will discover a timelessness”, a “deep core surrender” where you don’t wish for anything else.  What if I could feel that in every cell of my body and have no need to get somewhere and trust the natural unfoldment?  “Patience then asserts itself as truth.” 

I’d look at all the gardens in my life: my health, my family, my relationship, my friendships, my career, my passions. I’d look and see what they need. I’d appreciate all I have, and I would place my attention on the moment. Ahhh…the moment where I meet God as a conduit for whatever needs to come through. 

There, instead of my impatience, I would find what another one of my favorite mystics, Carolyn Myss calls “constant grace” and it tells me, “All is in order” and a clarity arises. 

“Grant me the grace of clarity, Lord. Especially in moments when I cannot see my way through difficulties or when I feel lost in the confusion of my own thoughts. And most of all help me act on the direction of that grace.”

~ Intimate Conversations with the Divine: Prayer, Guidance, and Grace by Caroline Myss

Together we go with the flow.



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