February 2020

What do you want? When you reflect on this question, what comes up for you? In a recent Ted Talk by Rita Wilson, "The Question I Almost Didn't Ask and How It Changed My Life”, she shared that she was first reluctant to ask herself that

Last night a friend called me with an extra ticket to see the best from the Ukulele Picnic at the Blue Note Cafe. I went in expecting a "Tiptoe Through the Tulips", gentle ukulele performance but instead would be blown away by the performance of Tiamane Gardner, a

I got to the boarding gate and I started my experiment.  The first person would be easy as it was my friend.  The night before Brian Grazer's book, "Face to Face" had crossed paths with mine. He believes eye contact "sends a message that

I turned down the Costco aisle and out of the corner of my eye I saw the most magnificent bouquet of ivory and fuchsia roses. I stopped and watched as the florist added a single violet rose to the center.  I glanced at the price

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