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It’s true. Our breath is always waiting to bring us to the next place. Our nature when in fear or flight is to hold our breath. Holding it in. Holding it together. Holding back the tears, the trauma, even the triumphs. In this moment I am preparing for knee surgery tomorrow. In the background though a snowstorm is looming, and war in a foreign

I found out recently on a dating app of all places that Robert Frost's poem, "The Road not Taken" was actually a poem written as a joke to his friend the poet, Edward Thomas. When they went out walking together,Thomas couldn't decide what road they should take. He would often complain that they should have taken the other road. When Thomas

On Sunday when I got to the beach, the first thing I saw was a boat speeding across the water. I smiled and said, "Hello Paul". One of my brother's favorite things to do was to chase the ferry across the Sound from Connecticut to Long Island. He loved being in the wake of that boat.  Just as boats do, people

Imagine one morning waking up and saying, "I can't do life like this for one more day."  I bet we all can imagine. My friend Dr. Mark McMahon was driving his car three weeks after his father had died and a lightning bolt hit that he too was, "going to die."  That was the beginning of everything for him and

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