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Imagine one morning waking up and saying, “I can’t do life like this for one more day.”  I bet we all can imagine. My friend Dr. Mark McMahon was driving his car three weeks after his father had died and a lightning bolt hit that he too was, “going to die.”  That was the beginning of everything for him and he had to “do something about HIS LIFE”. 

A successful dentist with a Mount Everest-like experience, calling him to drive from Tucson, Arizona to the end of the world (the tip of South America).

Why? He shares in our conversation that the answer is, “He doesn’t know”.  The logic that arose was that he could learn Spanish, explore indigenous cultures, and pursue his passion for photography.

The adventure chose him, he shares. “The way a grizzly bear chooses a salmon, it just chose me.”  

He picked November 1st as the day he would leave and suddenly, Providence took over with an unexpected offer to buy his dental practice and other assets. He was free to start his journey.  A six-month sabbatical turned into a four-year adventure. 

I love this quote that Mark shared from Goethe, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” 

Here is a link to our conversation, The Wayshower : https://anchor.fm/louisa-percudani or access on Apple Podcasts at LIVE NOW and Louisa Percudani. 

His book is, “Driving to the End of the World”.

He reminds me of the importance of following what prompts us inside the tapping of our soul, “Yoo-hoo I’m calling you”.  There is the life that we want and the life that calls us.  Is this the day?  Maybe start by journaling what calls you and leave the logic aside. Just breath and dream…and maybe “the end of the world is the beginning of everything.”

Together we journey.

Love, Louisa 

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