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Do You Feel Disconnected?

Do you answer your cell phone when it rings? Or do you let it go to voice mail? When’s the last time you laughed really hard with a friend over the phone or in person? Or connected with a stranger?

In January I started picking up the phone for the series, speaking to potential guests just lit me up. Little did I know I was starting to break my habit of texting, Voxering, messengering, Facebooking. My family would note when I would visit, “You’re always looking at your phone.”  Yeah, my life was not OUT THERE with people it was in my phone.  How could I have over 1000 friends on Facebook and yet feel so disconnected and alone?

I can’t tell you exactly when the drift of disconnect started to happen with myself and others.  Probably after the disappointment, difficulty or disaster got LARGER than my DREAMS. What lights you up? What are your dreams? The first thing that called me was doing a Yoga Teacher Training. And then it was a place. For me it was Paris. For five years Paris was calling me. The Yoga Teacher training would lead me to do a special workshop on Yoga and Cancer and there I met a new friend who 10 months later offered me a fantastic career opportunity in Hawaii.  Yes, Hawaii! and my nephew’s wedding in Stockholm would lead me to Paris!

Today wherever you are, take one small step in connecting. Maybe it’s in nature and the beauty of Spring. Open your windows, take a walk, call a friend and meetup.  Shake up your Space!   Move some energy!  Out with memories that stifle you. Ask yourself, “What would Marie Kondo do?” Does it bring you joy?

It all begins within. I can distinctly remember when I started to feel connected again. It was in Paris. I felt so alive, its beauty was intoxicating to my senses. The smell of lavender, the boutiques, the baguettes and cheese, the fashion, and the architecture. I felt beautiful and didn’t think about my extra 50 pounds for a second as French men called out, “Bonjour Mademoiselle”.

Join me on this journey of connection. I promise you there is so much outside of your four walls, your computer screen, your routine, it is. Whatever your heart is longing for, no matter your age, it’s still possible.

Carpe Diem!  Seize the Day!  Next time I will let you know how the words “Carpe Diem” changed the course of my life. And a dream I am finally fulfilling on.

Together we Connect,


P.S.  I’d love to connect with you! Let me know what lights you up. If you don’t know that’s okay let’s discover what it is!

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