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It's been a while since I've written. How are you really?  My dear friend J.D.  would ask this question and you would pause because he was waiting for your really. I wish I could call J.D. and hear those words. He created

Recently, I found myself at the beach at low tide. It was a crisp, sunny sixty-degree day and my walk stopped when I came upon the rock jetty, fully exposed by the receding waters.  I sat down to clear my head and

I am not a patient person and "Good things come to those who wait" is probably my least favorite inspirational phrase.  One of my favorite modern day mystics Richard Rudd shares that, "Impatience is the cause of vast problems in our world

On Saturday night I drove right into a snow white-out.  I left my house with small flurries floating in the air. I turned up a hill into a snowstorm, and quickly lost all visibility.  I intentionally do my best to avoid the snow and not drive in

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