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The Call You Don’t Want to Get- A Tribute to a Loved One

Two weeks ago, I got the text from my sister, “Last night mom called us about 9pm and asked us to come over because Grandma is so weak. Grandma was ok given her state and was more upset because the doctor said she wouldn’t make her 101st birthday today.”

Yes, you read that right her 101st birthday!  My grandma Louisa never easily dissuaded by bad news, took the news to heart.  Her heart condition was advancing.

When I saw her at Christmas, she asked me when I was coming back home. Usually I would say the month and she would say, “Okay I’ll see you then.” This time when I said, “April” she said, “Well, I’ll see you or you will be at my funeral”.  I found that odd and mid-February I was prompted to get an airplane ticket back to Connecticut.

My sister continued to give me updates. I spoke to my grandmother and told her I was changing my flight and would see her soon and that I loved her.

Her hospital room was filled with love my large extended family and friends who are family. Sometimes ten people at a time. When I arrived at the hospital my grandmother’s condition had changed as was heavily sedated, a raise of the eyebrows acknowledging she heard me.

I am my grandmother’s namesake and I would like to share a glimpse of her extraordinary life. Born in Iowa, at a young age her family returned to live in Italy where she eventually married and had three children.  However, America was always in her heart beckoning her big return.  As a true visionary matriarch my grandmother bravely headed back alone to the United States shortly following World War II so that she could build a better life for her entire family and provide a better future for them.  A pioneer career woman and entrepreneur. Grandma Louisa became a successful restauranteur and ran her Manhattan restaurant, Steak Pommes Frites, for 27 years.

My grandmother had a passion for travel, gardening, knitting and picking the next great stock, however her greatest passion was being in the presence of her family and friends. She loved a great party.

The morning she crossed over my sister and I knew the time was getting close and first I asked my sister should we sing? My sister smiled at me and said, “No don’t sing.” (It’s a family joke that I can’t carry a tune).

So, I Googled a Hail Mary in Italian and then it automatically went into to Rosary and Gregorian chants and she took her last breath with faith that she would meet her maker.

This is not my first time losing a loved one.  However, my Grandmother’s passing has really impacted me to live out my dreams! No more waiting the time is now!  What dream have you putting off?  Who is that loved one that you’d love to spend time with, and it’s been too long!  THE TIME IS NOW!

Together we Rise

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