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Let The Fairy Tale Begin

On Friday morning at 5:30am my sister texted me “let the fairy tale begin”. I was on my way to Home Depot to pick up a cargo van to move into my new place. 

Over Labor Day weekend I had been prompted at 5:00 in the morning to look at Craig’s List. There I would find the cottage. I sent an email and forty-five minutes later the landlord would answer. “What are you looking for? Tell me about yourself.” he asked. I replied, “I’m looking for a place I can truly settle in and make my home, I told him about myself and asked if the early bird got the worm?”

The next day I would go see it. I drove through the wooden gates and the white cottage was the first thing to greet me as well as a beautiful property which was once a farm now owned by a landscape architect. 

 I peeked in the windows as I waited and when I walked in I knew it was the place, filled with sunlight, hard wood floors and so cozy. A writer’s dream, romantic, and fairy tale like. There was even more as the landlord and I walked out to an expansive deck with a green oasis and woods in the distance. He said, “I have a lot of people interested” and I didn’t hesitate I said, “Yes, I’d love to live here.”

This past year was filled with a lot of leaps and taking steps with things out of order and the one thing that stands out is when I follow the prompts and not the logic (because my overthinking will talk me out of anything).  There’s magic, there’s love, and things that I can’t even imagine on the other side and key to that is trust.

Good ole trust not my favorite bed fellow and one that I’ve been especially bumping into.. trust what’s happening, trust the timing, trust the unknown, trust the Universe, God, the divine ..knowing it always has your back- that’s a big one for me and I know that’s where the gold lies… 

In this week’s podcast of LIVE NOW  my dear friend Henry Rojas who trusts the moment unlike anyone I know. He shares how a singing telegram changed the trajectory of his life and how his work as a spiritual director has been informed and inspired by the difficult decision to walk away from something..

Here is a link to our conversation: https://anchor.fm/louisa-percudani

I’ll close with his favorite quote, “Living is not simply to play the notes, but to play with heart and soul and spirit”. Amen to that Henry! 

Together we journey,



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