Louisa Percudani

It’s Happening Even if We Can’t See It

Everyday a note from the Universe comes into my inbox. Often times I miss it and other days it catches my attention.  Here was today’s message: 

“See? I told you everything was lining up for you, Louisa; that the right people were headed your way; that the right things would be said; that you’d become a total love magnet; and that very little of this would be apparent as it was unfolding, yet in hindsight you’d see the stunning perfection.You’re even ahead of schedule.”  All is supremely well,  The Universe.

Well, I’m not sure about the love magnet part but the words that did resonant with me were “very little of this would be apparent as it was unfolding” and that’s VERY TRUE. In the big scheme of things all is well. However the daily ride lately has felt really bumpy and I’m doing my best to not get on the rollercoaster ride of circumstances and keeping the big picture. 

This week on the  LIVE NOW podcast I spoke with Diane Huth who was in the midst of a very stressful time as a caregiver for her ninety-seven year mother with dementia. She shares that she felt stuck and trapped but every day she would go out to what she called her “backyard beach” and sit on her double wide lounge chair where she would close her eyes and put on blinders and pretend that she was on a white sandy beach.  She kept the vision and now she is living on the white sandy beach and it really took something in the midst of super stressful times.  

She shares that the biggest thing that stops all of us is the fear of the unknown.  She shows us how she navigated her unknowns not only with the place she wanted to live, but with her career and her twenty-year relationship. If you love happy endings you will really dig this story.

Here is a link to our conversation Paradise Found:

https://anchor.fm/louisa-percudani or on Apple Podcasts type in LIVE NOW and Louisa Percudani. And her book is “The Grownups Guide to Running Away from Home.”

What is the vision that you’d love to see realized? What if everyday you took your own “backyard moment” for it’s in the moment that the magic happens, not in the future not in the past, but in the beautiful present.  Will you join me there? 

Together we journey,

Love, Louisa 

P .S. I love to connect, feel free to comment.

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