Louisa Percudani

Time to Shine

It’s been a while since I’ve written. How are you really?  My dear friend J.D. 

would ask this question and you would pause because he was waiting for your really.

I wish I could call J.D. and hear those words. He created a space to be real. So, in his honor I’m carrying forward his baton. How are you really? How’s your heart? Really?  Okay, I’ll start… mine has been blown wide open. What does that mean exactly? 

Well, I wish I could explain it with words but it’s an energetic thing of acute feeling, whether it be the ocean, someone’s laugh or a song. I hate goodbyes of any kind. I actually do my best to avoid them, and this summer brought many.

The ones I feel comfortable sharing about are my friend J.D. and brother Paul. Both unexpected. Both bighearted men and without sounding kooky my heart exploded open with their ascent. Both on a journey of recovery every day they felt life acutely and, in their wake, I am once again reminded that we may not get another tomorrow and that we must LIVE NOW. 

Since 2019, I wanted to start a podcast to shine a light on the moments that we find ourselves at the crossroads, maybe you’re rebuilding your life, or launching a new dream? Maybe it’s time to do nothing and wait or maybe a new path is calling you forth.  

Today I launch my first episode of LIVE NOW in J.D. and Paul’s memory.  My friend Chris Baker joins me as he shares his leap from realtor by day to comic by night and shares the sign on the wall that changed it all. 

Here is a link to our conversation: https://anchor.fm/louisa-percudani

One thing I know is that our journeys, our resilience, our positivity and living full out in the moment can shine a light for another. 

In closing I leave you with J.D.s song, “Shine”

“What lies ahead we can’t see…the message every day seems ever clear that this whole world could use a little light and we shine, shine, shine…” 

Together we journey, 

Love, Louisa 

P .S. I love to connect, feel free to comment.

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