Louisa Percudani

One Simple Question

I am learning how to walk again without a crutch and it’s not easy. One is I feel safe with the crutch and two I have forgotten how to walk. 

My Physical Therapist told me to take small baby steps and for my six-foot frame that’s easier said than done.  And sure enough, when I take smaller steps the mechanics of walking come back to me and my muscles remember when to fire.  I am actually getting what it means to slow down to go faster. 

I’m not a baby steps kinda person. I’m more like Simon Says take one giant step and start running. In this new rhythm of listening to what my body needs a silver lining appears I am discovering unhealthy patterns that no longer serve me.  It’s said if you want a different result you need to take different actions. 

The biggest difference in my days is asking my self this simple question.  Does this empower me or not?  A choice, an interaction with a person, replaying that interaction over and over… eating a donut.

If it doesn’t empower me well then, I get to make a different choice. I find myself shifting through a new portal of awareness and it makes my set of circumstances easier to navigate.  Instead of heavy I feel light and hopeful I don’t need to know the how. I just need to take the next step even if it’s a baby one. 

Together we journey,



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