Louisa Percudani

Oh Say Can You See

I haven’t written for the past couple weeks mainly because I didn’t have much to say. I found myself caught in the duality of the beautiful moments around me against the backdrop of all that was happening.

I sat on empty superiorly cleaned airplanes going to a college reunion in Park City, Utah. There I witnessed my college friend’s dream come true of having chickens, a green house and a great second marriage of seven years. 

I watched from my bay window as our handyman joked with my brother as they took license plates off a car. 

I explored the town of Woodstock, Vermont in its brilliant Fall splendor with my Aunt as we visited by brother-in-law’s new gallery opened with friends. 

I drove through my hometown seeing people walking, riding bikes, holding their dogs on leashes and talking across the street and traffic to their neighbor. 

I love this Rumi quote, “Everything in the Universe is a pitcher brimming with wisdom and beauty. The lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart.” 

Beauty and Wisdom is what I lean into these days in that which is constant and also in flux and change. 

Together we traverse.



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