Louisa Percudani

A Moment of Silence

September 30, 3030

I’m mindful to keep this blog a place for all views. I’m asking myself what can I give to make our country our planet a better place?

As I woke up this morning the pervading thought was, “Can we all take a moment of silence? Can we pause our collective hearts and minds and take a moment and offer our prayers, divine offerings to our country? ”

The word reverence comes to mind and the 100-year-old tree that was removed this week in front of my childhood home. My mother had discovered its roots were rotting and needed to come down.

We watched limb by limb as this majestic oak tree came down. It stood at the end of the driveway, a protector, a tall sentry greeting you upon arrival. A boundary for a game of catch between my father and his sons.

It was sad to see this tree go as it had given us so much. The stump has been removed and now fresh soil waits for something new to be planted.

As I look at what I revere about this country it is the people.  When I meet you, I treat you how I would like to be treated with kindness and respect. I know we have shared values that can unite us all.

Perhaps it’s time that we remove all that does not serve us. Perhaps it’s time we look for what is best for the whole. Perhaps that solution is yet to come. What is the third thing that will arise?  You know, when you have two ideas that aren’t the best and then given time, the third one arises?

In the meantime, I pause today and take a moment of silence.

Together we rise.



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