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The Thing I Finally Realized

Do you have a favorite spot you love to go? Maybe a hiding place, a place in nature?  For me it’s the blow hole.  It’s a rock formation on the edge of the ocean. The waves crash against the rock and then through a hole, water shoots up into the sky.

One night my neighbor Billy called me and asked me to join him for coffee and a ride.   He was in the midst of a custody battle and needed a reprieve from his mind. As we rode along the twists and turns of the ocean highway, he stopped at the blow hole. For two years I had passed it by because of the tourist crowds.  There were maybe three or four cars in the parking lot, and we joked they were probably young kids making out.

We leaned against the steel rail and the wind’s intensity blew our hair back as we shouted above the wind to hear each other.  “What’s on your bucket list?” I asked. He said, “Rome, Florida State Game, The Steelers”. I shouted back, “This is awesome!”, smelling the sea air and taking in the moon.

It felt like a cosmic car wash. Anything we carried in we got to let it go. I have a hard time letting go.  Yet when I reflect on my life, I would say the theme that stands out is how many times I have had to let go of a dream, person or place.  This past week I had really bad headaches and it turned out I had shingles.  I was contagious and confined.  Days after my birthday no less.

First, I rebelled on the verge of Russ’s book launch, I didn’t have time for this. I had friends visiting I wanted to see. Why now? Bad timing when everything was coming together.  Ever been there?

And then I finally got it on day three. “Louisa just let go”. What if you just let things go? I was scheduled to talk to a friend who helped me change the tag on the book, another who helped with a word, another who recommended a book on being Outrageously Open, a great read by Tosha Silver about letting go and giving it to God, The Divine, The Universe….give all your burdens.

And so I did, one by one. Burdens about people in my life, things from the past, problems. I said to myself, “What if I simply lived now in the moment?” I let go of needing to rise above something and rested in the Divine Plan. Yeah, my driven, controller-ego-self wants to own the wheel but it’s making my soul so tired.

What if our soul drove the bus this week? What if you allowed the divine to work through you?  Like, be the faucet for the divine’s flow?

And the great thing about letting go it makes so much room for what’s ready to come in.

Together we connect,


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