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Last Thursday I had a conversation with a family member that didn't end well.  When I reflect on our exchange the one simple thing I could have done was to just listen.  But I went into fix and solution mode and said, "If you did that differently", and "You never tried that", "You know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result", while

I am learning how to walk again without a crutch and it's not easy. One is I feel safe with the crutch and two I have forgotten how to walk.  My Physical Therapist told me to take small baby steps and for my six-foot frame that's easier said than done.  And sure enough, when I take smaller steps the mechanics of walking come back to me

Monday, I had an unusual experience. I started my day with a simple plan. A doctor's visit about my knee.  Happy with my progress my doctor suggested finding medical magnets to get the pocket of swelling out of my knee.  I made a few stops with no luck and settled on an Amazon purchase.  On the way home I started to cry--not a crier by nature I much prefer

A friend left a puzzle for me at my front door.  For weeks the picture of a golden lab diving into water after his red and purple ball stared back at me. Yesterday I opened the box. I thought, "A puzzle and a fork in a road have a lot in common."  I started to sort all the pieces; borders, shapes, and shades of color with a picture to guide

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