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Do you have some area of your life that you keep moving forward, and it is taking a lot of time and energy and you don't see the end in sight?  It's taking longer than you thought, more resources are needed or loved ones need more of your attention or something like the coronavirus throws a wrench into your plans.  At times like these a great practice to consider

Today message is simple. When life gets in the way, we can go to many default ways of being. This week remain at peace and practice those things that bring you peace.  Together we connect,   Louisa  P.S.  I love to connect, feel free to comment.

What do you want? When you reflect on this question, what comes up for you? In a recent Ted Talk by Rita Wilson, "The Question I Almost Didn't Ask and How It Changed My Life”, she shared that she was first reluctant to ask herself that question. "It felt terrifying.”, okay to be asked that question, but she couldn't ask herself.  Why?  She had everything at that time

Last night a friend called me with an extra ticket to see the best from the Ukulele Picnic at the Blue Note Cafe. I went in expecting a "Tiptoe Through the Tulips", gentle ukulele performance but instead would be blown away by the performance of Tiamane Gardner, a Ukulele Virtuoso who took us all on a musical journey and morphed genres from classic to rock to flamenco.    The music hit parts of

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