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Leaves Fall All Around

A new season is upon us. As the nights cool and the moon gets BIG. It’s time to enjoy the Harvest Moon named by farmers because of its extra light.  This Saturday it will be upon us and it’s a chance for us to pause and take inventory of our year thus far.

What are you grateful for?

Before you get all hard on yourself or start to beat yourself up. Let’s start with the simple things like connecting.  Bring back those moments this year where connection made a difference in your life for you or another.

Did you know that only 31% of Americans know their neighbors? Here’s a stretch for you — this week connect with a neighbor you don’t know.

Bring back those moments of new beginnings. Where you did follow that intuitive nudge. The person, place, thing that kept coming to your mind and you took action.

Bring back the times you were brave in the midst of the unknown. Grace under fire. Love in action.

And the harvest is a time of reaping and receiving. Yes, all the seeds you planted in the Spring and tilled in the Summer. Take the time to look and see the bounty of your labor, kindness and love.

Together we Connect


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