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It’s Not Always Black or White

What are you feeling at this moment as you open this email?  Are you telling yourself, if I could just have this, or if this could be over then I’d be happy?  Are you letting your circumstances detect your happiness?

Do you know how to access joy no matter your circumstance?

I am very competitive and ambitious by nature.  Maybe it’s being the oldest child of five or maybe it’s I never felt I fit in.  I was super tall, 5ft 11inches by the time I was twelve, and I was bullied about my height and my features all through grammar school.  When I got to high school, I was so excited because I left many of the bullies behind and now was on one of the best basketball teams in the state. I loved playing basketball and I was good enough to receive a scholarship to college.

The seed was planted if want to fit in I needed to stand out. I needed to achieve.  So, failure is not something I enjoy and it also made my life very black and white, good or bad.  You follow me it doesn’t leave much room for BEING and JOY because I was constantly in the DOING of my life and not being present to what brings me JOY.

You know what brings me JOY?  Singing.  Yes, and I can’t carry a tune. I’m off key, but I love to sing in my car or anywhere.  Yesterday, I took a risk. I did a Facebook Live and started singing, “This little light of mine” and it brought me JOY. Why? I got to self-express.  I got to be free, silly and just me.

And yes of course I have circumstances that I wish were different and at the same time I can access JOY.

The seed of JOY is always there no matter how many sorrows or losses you may have layered above it.  It’s like that flower that grows in the crack of a sidewalk.  JOY has a force of its own.

Life is now!  JOY is now.  What brings you joy?

Together we connect,


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