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From My Heart to Yours

Today is the day!  I am getting married!  Ha!  Just kidding but it feels like one of those joyous momentous days; getting my driver’s license, putting on my cap and gown, first wedding dance with my love.

Today Russ’s book, “LIVE NOW” will debut on Amazon!

When I got the proof copy, I’d look at in wonderment like, “Is this really real?”  I’d pick it up, flip through the pages. Put it down. Pick it up again. After months of revisions on a Word doc it was a real thing, all bound in the palm of my hand.

Years gone by and a promise fulfilled from a long time ago. I can let go of the guilt, shame and embarrassment of taking so long to get it done. And instead step into the joy, excitement and launch of his legacy.

It is never too late. Really. What are you ready to bring into your life?  Like, if this email was a home run and you put your phone down or closed down your computer and said, “That’s it. Today is the day.”  “Carpe Diem”.

Seize the Day.

That was Russ’s creed when told he had one month or at the most three, to live.

He wrote me this poem after we confessed a deep love for each other. We had been friends for five years and then with a chance meeting everything changed.

Carpe Diem

“Can love start and stop and then take a side street

Not knowing where you’re going or how to get there

Then, out of the blue, you collide

Your hearts wide open

Oh my gosh, life begins again

Hearts beat

Feelings Change

Drawn together for a Full Exchange

Then see if we can rearrange”

RS 5-18-00

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Together we connect,


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