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Deep Inside I Always Knew

Have you ever been in the aftermath of a time in your life and wondered, “Why did this all happen?” Like what was the point of the devastation, the loss, the shattering of life as you knew it.  You find yourself at first putting together the pieces savaging the debris around you.

If it’s unsalvageable beyond repair, saving, or dead.  There’s no returning to life as you knew it. Yet all around you the scattered and shattered memories remain.  Then the true journey begins.

The one with yourself.

I numbed out when I hit that crossroad with movies, food, and staying in the pain.

On Tuesday the book was a #1 bestseller on Amazon in six categories. It was surreal. On Wednesday I started to read the reviews.  After reading the sixth one I started bawling gushing tears from a pipe break deep in my soul.

“It wasn’t all for not.”  I said aloud as I continued to sob. The pain had a purpose. The loss was transmuted impacting those still here.

Your moment is coming I don’t know how or when or where, but I know it is.  You don’t need to know the how.  It will align. Just as the perfect storm of the devastation you endured.  So too will your destiny align with the bigger plan for your life. One not from the ego but from the divine.

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